Crazy Insane Go Kart driver Mikis Kalogiratos driving his ENERGY Racing KZ (TM Engine) kart downstairs from 100 steps in Patras Greece during the video shooting of Greek Vendetta

Crazy Furious Kart Gymkhana
100% video with GoPro HERO3 cameras without any edit.

Greek Vendetta is the first multirace gymkhana video produced in Patras Greece to advertise greek motorsport and drivers dexterity using different kind of vehicles.

Mikis Kalogiratos (ENERGY Kart Greece) ENERGY KINETIC KZ2 TM
For first time in Europe a racing video is taking place in a real city (Patras - Greece)

Official Support:
GoPro Greece - Drakos Digital
KTM South East Europe

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Thanks to:
CARAVEL Patisserie Patras - LOUX COLA - GoPro - Drakos Digital - AIM Sportsline - 4 Τροχοί - - ΔΟΥΒΡΗΣ Α.Ε. - Plus Media - - Πίτα του Παππού- LeCont Tires - - PICK Patras - Jeanious Patras

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Опубликовано 28 сент. 2015 г.
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