Monaco GP – “Forza” Ferrari!


Monte Carlo, 26 May – Did you like the taster? Now you can listen in its entirety to “Forza, Santander’s Tribute to Scuderia Ferrari,” the song which Santander, the long-time partner of the Prancing Horse wanted to dedicate to the team. The composer of the music and the video that goes with it is Carlos Jean, a Spanish musician, producer and DJ. The main “voice” is that of a Ferrari Formula 1 car, accompanied by special instruments, such as the tools used by mechanics during pit stops, the air guns and jacks. The final result of this very unusual and equally unique orchestra can be heard and seen here: we hope it turns out to be a good omen!

Об этом видео

Длительность 03:44
Опубликовано 27 мая 2013 г.
Серия Формула 1
Этап Гран При Монако
Местонахождение Монте-Карло, городская трасса
Команды Ferrari
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