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24 Hours with The Red Bull Live Demo Team


Ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, spend 24 Hours with our Running Showcar Team as they got Mexico City ready for Formula One action with a Live Demo in June.

Some 150,000 F1-mad fans packed every available inch of the city's central Zocalo square in June – and even the surrounding balconies – to cheer on Daniel and Carlos as they blasted around a specially constructed course hugging the perimeter of the vast plaza in twin Red Bull Racing RB7's.

The sheer size of the course allowed both drivers to push the double title-winning cars to their limit and the duo wowed the massive crowd with some seriously high-speed individual runs before bringing the show to a howling climax with a joint run and the full complement of tyre-melting burn-outs and donuts.

It wasn't just Formula One power on show, however, and in another major highlight of the day, Red Bull athlete, off-road driver Gustavo 'Tavo' Vildósola, thrilled the crowds with the brutal power of his Ford SVT Raptor SCORE 21 Trophy Truck. With more than 830hp on tap, tyres more than a metre high and weighing some 5400lbs the truck is the prefect vehicle in which to attack legendary cross-country races such as the gruelling Baja 1000...

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Длительность 11:10
Опубликовано 2 нояб. 2015 г.
Серия Формула 1
Этап Гран При Мексики
Местонахождение Автодром братьев Родригес
Команды Red Bull Racing В Магазин
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