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Enduro Racing Into the Sky - Day 3 Recap - Red Bull Sea to Sky


With all eyes on Jonny Walker to see if he could wrap up the perfect season by winning in Turkey, Jarvis was determined to keep the Grand Slam out of reach for his fellow Brit. Day 3 brought the riders to the "Sky" portion of the race, as they set out from the shoreline straight up to the summit of Tahtali Mountain.

With the trio locked together, it looked like becoming a battle to the finish, but Jarvis had one card left up his sleeve to play. Gambling on the final refuel stop, he didn't pit and hit the front of the field as they headed towards the final mountain climb. Pulling clear, he crossed the finish-line as the clear and certain winner.

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Длительность 04:36
Опубликовано 8 окт. 2015 г.
Серия Enduro
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