Формула 1 MotoGP
04 апр.
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Гран При Португалии
16 апр.
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2 дня
Формула E
11 апр.
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24 апр.
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10 дней
26 февр.
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Ралли Хорватия
22 апр.
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Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2015 Track Animation


Red Bull Straight Rhythm returns in 2015 with a new location and a new track. Check out an animation that provides an in-depth look at what the world’s best riders – including James Stewart and Ryan Dungey – will face on October 10. The 1/2 mile straight track (with no turns) is built from 10,000 cubic yards of dirt and will challenge riders with 75 jumps, over 400 feet of whoops and extended rhythm sections with multiple line options. Twenty–four riders will compete, broken into two classes – 16 riders in the Open Class and 8 riders in the Lites Class (250cc or less). Tickets for the event are now available for purchase at redbull.com/straightrhythm.

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Длительность 01:25
Опубликовано 26 авг. 2015 г.
Серия Мотогонки
Пилоты Джеймс Стюарт , Райан Данги
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