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My New McLaren 675LT in the Factory! [Road to 675LT Episode 07]


What a special day! I visited the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking to pay a visit to my very own 675LT nearing the end of the production line at MPC, and by wonderful coincidence arrived to see it heading in through the Dynamic Test.

With exceptionally special permission to be able to film and share this video with you, I'm able to take a look around the MSO Cerulean Blue painted car and see the progress, and I'm sure you can appreciate my excitement at the time! Then of course we are able to hear it firing up and heading onto the rolling road before another good look around.

From here there are a number of further stages including monsoon water testing, the road test, paintwork polishing, badge application, extra touches to be completed at MSO, and then of course Pre-delivery inspection at McLaren Manchester before a paint protection film is applied by Topaz Detailing.

As I'm sure you are aware it is not normal to be allowed to bring a camera into the McLaren Production Centre, however I would like to extend a thanks to those who made it possible to be able to create this video and share it with you. Significantly more preparation than you would expect goes into doing so due to the other vehicles that must be hidden, permissions to be granted and so on, and therefore the work that went into it is exceptionally appreciated.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Длительность 11:43
Опубликовано 27 окт. 2015 г.
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