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Full Introduction Tour of my Ferrari FF


After collecting my Ferrari FF a few days earlier, I take you on a full induction tour showing the complete specification and details along with a demonstration of all of the features in Ferrari's four seat, four wheel drive, supercar.

To kick us off, I was checking out the Rolla Board, that can be found via http://www.rollaboard.bigcartel.com and http://instagram.com/rolla_board

The car has been bought at 3 years old via the Ferrari Approved programme at Meridien Modena, it features 2 years of warranty and over 3 years of Ferrari's servicing pack remaining. The paint is a special order Le Mans Blu with Cream interior with numerous options that I show you through during the walkaround.

Immediately I will be off on an adventure with the FF, taking it to Italy and Monaco from this weekend for a few weeks!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Длительность 28:16
Опубликовано 27 окт. 2015 г.
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